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Technical Terms

March 31,2018

  • Luminous Flux: Measure of the perceived power of light emitted from the light source of the human eye.

Refers to the total flux emitted from the light source .

Unit “lumen (lm)” ;Symbol “φ”

  • Light Intensity: In a particular direction is the amount of luminous flux emitted from the light source .

Also referred to as light intensity .

Fixtures and measure the light intensity of the point light sources

Unit “candelas (cd)” ; Symbol “I”

  • Illumination Level: Per unit surface illuminated by a light source light

flux amount. Is a measure of light intensity . Called İllüminans .

Unit “luxury – lm/m2 (lx)”

Symbol “E”

  • Glow: In a particular direction of a light source is in the amount of light intensity emitted per unit area. A surface is a measure of light intensity.

Also called luminance or luminance.

Unit “candelas per square meter splits (cd/m2)” ; Symbol “L”

  • Luminous Efficiency: Is the value obtained by dividing the power consumed by the light flux emitted from a lamp. The electrical power used, which is the measure of the economic return to light levels.

Also called factor activity.

Unit “lumen divided by watts (lm/W)”

Symbol “η”

  • Color temperature: The same dominant frequency radiation source with the color of a light source

Based on the black body temperature that is not described method. Light color, with color temperature

Color temperature increases, the color of the light closer to daylight.Unit “Kelvin (K)” ; Symbol “Tc”

  • Color rendering: The lighting with light sources, in fact the object (daylight) is a measure of the difference between colors that they appear in the light sources having color.
  • Color rendering color increases detection sensitivity increases.

Color rendering index of the light source 100 with all the colors under the reference light source
Shows such as optimal.

Symbol “Ra (CRI)”

  • UGR (Unified Glare Rating) : United glare demektir.bell value is the value measured in a field of glare. Divided by the amount of glow lamp glow appears in the background.

  • U0 (Average smoothness): The specified account is the ratio of the average level of the minimum glow glow levels in(U0=Lmin/Lort).